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Post by koimaster » July 12th 2020, 10:06pm

This short film by the team at Wired gives a remarkably detailed look at the disassembly process of two automatic mechanical watches, one by a Japanese manufacturer and one by a Swiss manufacturer.

The film is hosted by appropriately named professional watchmaker Ryan Jewell, he does an excellent job of explaining how the watches work, discussing each of the major parts and talking about the differences between them.

Over the course of the almost 30 minute long episode Ryan gives a brief history of watchmaking, including a mention of the American watchmaking industry of the late 1800s and early 1900s. At this time America was one of the world’s most prolific watchmaking nations, and a world leader in the efficient mass-production of watch movements.

The Quartz revolution almost killed off the watchmaking trade entirely, this is referenced by Ryan in the film as well, but thankfully over the past couple of decades the art has been coming back strong as more and more people choose mechanical watches over their electrical counterparts. ... e-watches/


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Post by Hawk » September 29th 2020, 12:39pm

I wouldn't bet on national boundaries meaning much of anything anymore. Love it or hate it we're globalized.

LaJ Joux-Perret is Japanese owned.
Phillipe Dufour consults for Credor
The Omega Co-ax is a British patent.
Etc, etc.

I rather admire Seiko's high end shit but would it be the same without Dufour looking over the micro-artist studio's shoulder? For that matter would La Joux-Perret be a smoking crater without the Japanese stepping in?

Probably doesn't mean much anymore except to people making arbitrary lists that nobody reads or concocting Swiss "value percentages" that are routinely gamed.

But I should watch the video first I guess.
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