Watches with nicknames - Seiko

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Watches with nicknames - Seiko

Post by koimaster » June 20th 2019, 8:32am

In places unknown to us here at Seiko, and without our awareness, it seems there are certain Seiko products and models that are so popular that our fans have given them their own nicknames, such as “Tuna Can,” “Monster,” “Samurai,” and “Turtle.” Of course we, as the designers, did not come up with these nicknames ourselves. Our fans came up with them spontaneously, all on their own. But how on Earth did this actually come about? Satoru Monjugawa and Takumi Kishino from our Design Center Department exchange some imaginative interpretations of this phenomenon.

Satoru joined Seiko in 1992 and for many years designed Seiko watches destined for the international market. Today, he sets and oversees the overall design direction for Seiko, with a particular focus on PROSPEX.

| Takumi KISHINO
Takumi joined Seiko in 2006 and has designed many watches destined for the international market with Seiko’s youthful customers in mind. He also designed for the WIRED brand which is popular among young people in Japan. Today, he designs for the Japanese market.


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