World History as told by World Time Watches

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World History as told by World Time Watches

Post by koimaster » June 17th 2019, 3:52pm

Invented in the 1930s, long before the proliferation of commercially available jet travel, world time watches captured the imagination of its onlookers with its dial; displaying real time in key cities across the planet’s 24 time zones. From exotic locales like Rio de Janeiro and Tahiti, the genius of Geneva watchmaker Louis Cottier made it possible to not just tell time in many far flung locales but also evoked stirrings of adventure and travel.

Yet when it comes to World Time Watches and for all the wanderlust it stoked, the faces of these watches carried the many geopolitical realities of the time periods during which specific world time watch references were launched. Indeed, if one were to truly appreciate provenance, it becomes of greater import to at least glean the history and events which shaped the birth of these watches.

A History of World Time Watches

Born to Emmanuel Cottier in Geneva 1894, Louis Cottier was often mesmerised by the many watches and automata that his father was building, among them, a World Time System in 1885. Culturally or technologically speaking, prior to 1885, there wasn’t really a good reason to standardise times across the globe. Mankind possessed neither the need or the ability to traverse vast distances which made inconsistent time standards between cities and towns relevant, that was until a Chief Engineer of the Canadian Railway had spent an uncomfortable night in an Irish train station in 1876. ... e-watches/


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