UPDATED: What Your Watch Brand Says About You

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Re: UPDATED: What Your Watch Brand Says About You

Post by franklin » August 6th 2020, 6:03am

Racer-X wrote:
May 19th 2019, 2:16am

Glashütte Original: You, overall, cannot afford a Lange.

* Moritz Grossman: You are the head of an old family manufacturing firm in Bavaria. Your Frau, Hilda, urged you to finally treat yourself and upgrade from the reliable but tired Swatch on your wrist. Feeling a Lange was too recognizable to the men on the assembly line, you chose the Benu Power reserve, but only to wear at board meetings.
For simplicity, taking only those brands from which I have multiples in my small collection (three each) -- I find this apposite to the point of prescience :roll:

-- I have indeed never yet felt that I am in possession of sufficient shekels to want to stump up for a Lange,
-- before retirement, I did indeed spend several years responsible for a (previously) family owned manufacturing firm in Bavaria,
-- my wife has encouraged me (very occasionally) to buy a watch -- the last time was a Meistersinger (but let's not split hairs),
-- I do think that MG is (desirably) less immediately recognizable than a Lange,
-- I do really have a Benu Power Reserve! (Oh, and it has definitely seen wear to board meetings)

I think someone's been peeking :dev:
Audemars Piguet, Benzinger, Dornblüth, Glashütte Original (x3), Meistersinger, Moritz Grossmann (x3), Moser, Nomos, Rolex, Stowa, Zenith.
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Re: UPDATED: What Your Watch Brand Says About You

Post by Nuvolari » August 8th 2020, 10:25am

A great read...

I am particularly amused by the reference to the obscure Orange County-based “Lincoln Savings & Loan”...

In 1991, it was the first time I had observed a long-established once-conservative financial institution, implode. It was a hint of what was to come: Three years later all of Orange County would declare bankruptcy after Merrill Lynch advisor, Bob Citron, placed a misguided, highly-leveraged bet against higher interest rates - and by 1994 - was, alas, very very wrong.

Thankfully, as the ‘90s progressed, society would learn from its inattention - and NEVER AGAIN would we EVER allow such reckless lending practices to tarnish banking & mortgage banking enterprises...
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