Facebook Groups Charge money?

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Facebook Groups Charge money?

Post by koimaster » May 9th 2019, 10:20am

Naoki Tsukumo

Dear friends,

Many of you would know that I'm a member of several watch groups on Facebook. Besides joining the groups as a watch lover, I've also promoted Gruppo Gamma there.

Some groups allow brand owners to promote for free - a classic example is the group Microbrand Watches.

Some groups require sponsorship - a watch or two or a sum of money, payable every six months or a year. Some groups don't allow brand owners to promote their watches at all, or impose lots of restrictions - for example, at most one post a month.

Every group has its own rules and I respect that.

We've decided to cut expenditure on watch group sponsorships, so as to channel resources to other marketing activities.

So if you've been relying on the watch groups for updates on Gruppo Gamma, you may miss many important updates from now on. To prevent this, you may want to sign up for Gruppo Gamma's newsletter - simply go to gruppogammawatches.com, scroll to the bottom and submit your email address. Remember to also ensure that our emails don't end up in your junk/ spam folder.

Several brand owners and I have discussed. We'll be running a Facebook group that's free for legit microbrand owners, and that all genuine watch lovers can be a part of.

Thanks for your attention.


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