Paul Brequette watches

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Paul Brequette watches

Post by koimaster » April 30th 2019, 4:54pm


Paul Brequette was (probably still is) a jeweler brand of Key Jewelers of
Pennsylvania, later also Fairfax Jewellers.

The bought the name in 1938 in Switzerland, and I suspect th only reason
was the similarity to the name Breguet.

Firstly the wathes were completely made by contractors in Switzerland,
later cased in the U.S.A. The brand is known for standard but well finished
movements, and cases of good quality.

Regards, Roland Ranfft

and then there is this -

Ebel marketed watches in the US under the name "Paul Breguette", from the late 1920's-on.
Your watch was made by EBEL


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