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Fall Auctions Boilerplate

Post by conjurer » September 5th 2018, 10:02pm

OK, now that we've come up with a charity to support (Shriners Hospitals for Children), and I've got some very nice donations ready to go, we'll be starting the Watchlords Fall Auctions here pretty soon, probably next week.

Like we've done previously, half the proceeds of each auction will go to support the Shriners, and half will go towards forum upkeep, so Koi won't have to subsist on top ramen while keeping a roof over you stupid bastards heads. The winner of each item in each auction will need to forward 50% of the winning bid to me via Paypal, along with $15 for shipping, and use the "donate" button at the top right of each page on the forum to send funds to Koi, which will then become his responsibility for disbursal and use. If a non-CONUS member wishes to bid, he should PM me first so that we can work out additional shipping if necessary. I will forward funds to the Shriners either periodically or at the end of the auctions via Paypal, and will provide photographic evidence of the donation.

The auctions will last a set period of time; this will be disclosed in the OP of each auction thread; I will try to end each auction on Saturday night, at 8:00PM Pacific time (due to my work requirements), so East Coast members will have a shot over the snipers. All bids should be in US dollars, in round numbers. Each upbid should be at least $3 over the previous bid. This will hopefully accomplish two things--1), I can accurately update and bump each auction thread, and 2), and most importantly, we can raise some more money for sick kids and the forum. No corn muffin bids, please!

Once the auctions are finished I will PM the winners to request payment, plus the shipping address to send the winners their watches. I will try to get the winners their watches in the post ASAP, depending on my work requirements. I will send the winners their watches via USPS Priority mail, insured if necessary. I will PM the winner with tracking numbers and probable shipping times, as provided by the Jolly Lesbian. I will attempt to accurately describe the condition of each watch, along with photographs, in each auction posting. However, I cannot time, or gauge the accuracy or complete condition of each watch. If the donor sends me information about the watch, I will include this verbatim in the posting. However, each and every sale is final, and the winner assumes full responsibility of each watch.

As the Swag-Fest auctions seemed popular and fun, I shall also include something special and cool, at random, to various auction winners--a piece of fine art!! I shall post about this cool and unique shit later.

I shall copy this post in each auction upcoming so I don't have to retype this shit each time.

So, get ready for the Watchlords Fall auctions. It's going to be fun, it's going to be cool, and, we'll help out some sick kids!
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