The Omega Speedmaster HODINKEE 10th Anniversary LE

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Re: The Omega Speedmaster HODINKEE 10th Anniversary LE

Post by Pubbie » September 5th 2018, 1:36pm

relaxer7 wrote:I like it but not sure if I'd part with the Benjamin's so to speak. ... ed-edition

It's been painted to look like a triple calendar, but it's not - it's just a regular chrono. So that blows already. A gussied-up and frankly unnecessary remake of a watch that was never particularly popular and even now, isn't especially expensive. But at $6,500 and with on-message Hoodwinkee brand value, rich internet men with non-jobs will spunk all over it.

I have to ask. How do they earn all that money, yet still have time to browse all that shit and queue up to buy co-branded run-of-the-mill Omega chronos at more than double the price, hitting F5? I give it about 15-20 min a day at most, and that's too much.
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