The Bronzed Patina: How to get it, and how not to.

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The Bronzed Patina: How to get it, and how not to.

Post by Racer-X » August 23rd 2018, 4:04pm

"Patina to bronze is like rust to iron and tarnish to silver, only more desirable and beautiful. Chemically speaking, they are oxide layers that form when the reactive metals come into contact with anions (such as oxygen and chlroride ions). As it is usually a slow process, hence people see these as a sign of age and heritage. But like most chemical reactions, we can accelerate it by increasing concentration of the reactants, introducing catalysts or adding some heat. Today, let’s geek out and make some reactions.

*WARNING: Replicate these experiments at home at your own risk! We’re not chemists, and results may include other ingredients such as luck which are not listed*"
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Re: The Bronzed Patina: How to get it, and how not to.

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » August 23rd 2018, 8:13pm

I'm kind of curious about how much more of such experimenting will the gaskets take. Well, it's their watch to fuck up, let them do so. Besides, it's a bronze Bell & Ross - if it gets damaged in the process, it'll be just one ghastly watch less.
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