Get Ready! WLs Fall Auctions Starting Soon!

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Get Ready! WLs Fall Auctions Starting Soon!

Post by conjurer » September 27th 2017, 1:50pm

Real soon, actually. I'm going to post the rules and such here, so I can link it to each auction, and save myself some typing.

The auctions will raise funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the forum. 75% of funds raised will be forwarded to St. Judes via Paypal, and the winners of each auction will send 25% of the winning bid to the forum, via the "Donate" button, found on the top right of every forum page--please note this, I send the funds to St. Jude, and the auction winners send a quarter to the forum themselves. The funds sent to the forum will be utilized by Koi as he sees fit.

The auctions will run for a set period of time, which will be noted in the separate auction threads. I will post a "Done!" post when, according to the clock on my Comcast cable box, the end of auction time hits. If a sniper and I hit the button at almost the same time and the sniper's bid posts first, the sniper wins. High bid wins. When making a bid, please bid in US dollars (no corn muffins or Aussie bucks), please bid in clear English (not geekspeak), and make sure you are being clear which lot you are bidding on. Back and forth ball-breaking in auction threads is fine, but in the last hour of the auction, only bid posts, please. All funds for winning bids to be paid via Paypal. Bids should be made in the auction threads, but if you wish to remain behind the scenes, you can PM me your bid, and I'll take care of it for you.

I will shoot pics and provide condition text on each item placed in auctions, except in a few cases where the donor wishes to ship the item himself, and forward pictures to me; I shall note if this is the case. All my pics will be shot in natural daylight, with no special effects used. I will try to post as many pictures of each item as I can. As I will have a lot of watches moving through my hands, I will be unable to time, completely inspect, etc. each watch. If a donor sends information about the item, I will add this to the text describing the item. Unless donors specify, all donations will be treated as anonymous. All items will be treated as final sales, as-is, with no returns accepted.

The auctions will be listed as "Swag-fest," as I will try to include at least one piece of swag with each watch, just to freshen things up a bit. Sometimes it will be a hat, a nice bound copy of a manufacturer's catalog, strap, etc. I will post pics of some swag in some cases (for hilarity, for example) but not in all cases.

I will ship items to winners ASAP after each auction ends, depending on work schedule, etc. I will send the items via USPS Priority mail, utilizing the Jolly Lesbians. Depending on the final sale price, I will also include Insurance. I will send the winners tracking numbers via PM. To cover the price of shipping, I ask all winners to include $10 to their final bid. This is to cover shipping CONUS. Overseas bidders, please contact me via PM to find out how much shipping will be.

As with the previous Spring Auctions, I will have fewer items in each thread (probably only two lots, perhaps three.) In some cases, there may be several items in each lot. The lots will not be broken up.

I think that's it. That was a shit-load of fucking typing right there.

Stand by to have fun!
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Re: Get Ready! WLs Fall Auctions Starting Soon!

Post by biglove » September 27th 2017, 10:32pm

In advance, a big thanks to you, John, for all your hard work.
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