Six recommendations for watches in bronze cases

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Six recommendations for watches in bronze cases

Post by koimaster » August 4th 2022, 11:44am

Bronze. An alloy consisting primarily of copper and tin, often in combination with other metals like aluminum, manganese, nicle and zinc, and even with non-metals like phosphorus, or metalloids like arsenic or silicon. The alloy is usually harder than copper on its alone and may offer other useful properties like strength and machinability. The alloy forms a patina easily, a coating of oxide which highly protective, and quite stable. This patina is unlike steel, which oxidises and the rust which forms becomes a threat to structural integrity.

Make mine bronze: Six recommendations for watches in bronze cases

The archaeological period where bronze was the hardest material known to man was known as the Bronze Age, approximately 3300 BC to 1200 BC. Mankind advanced in a great leap as we learned to make tools which were capable of finer work than can be achieved by the stone tools of the previous era. The Bronze Age was followed by the Iron Age, and bronze became less popular, especially after the advent of steel which is harder and more corrosion resistant. In watchmaking, cases were originally made from precious metals like gold, silver and then in steel and titanium.

The earliest watch with a bronze case was the then highly creative use by Gerald Genta in the Genfica. This watch was launched in 1995, and featured a round case with rivets on its side. The watch is known to heavily patina over time, creating a unique aesthetic. But bronze as a case material was not popular untill Panerai launched the celebrated Bronzo in 2011. In our view, this was the catalyst which catapulted bronze as a fashionable case material. ... nze-cases/


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