Survey, why people wear watches

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Survey, why people wear watches

Post by koimaster » August 5th 2022, 11:50am

WatchPro USA shared the results of a survey this week, conducted by British pre-owned watch specialist Luxe Wear. The data, based on the 1000 randomly selected respondents, revealed that 63.5% of people wear watches to tell the time. I know that seems a bit captain obvious, but what surprised me was the fact only 10.6% people chose the response “tracking workouts” (surprising given the ubiquity of Apple Watches) and that only 1.2% chose “signal social status”. I guess the latter is not a surprise per se, as most people wouldn’t admit they were clout-chasers. But we have seen from the secondary market just how badly people want, and how much they will pay over retail, to wear particular models or brands. I think it would be really neat for, say the New York Times, to run a similar survey, as the results may have more integrity if the survey was helmed by an organisation unrelated to watches.

If you are like me, any time that watches and TV come together is a huge win. While not broadcasted on network or platform television, DeBethune has teamed up with director Olivier Ronot to create an episodic series that delves into the highly intricate Mecavers project helmed by Master Watchmaker and co-founder of De Bethune Denis Flageollet.

DeBethune explains: “This is the story of the creation of the ultimate timepiece… One that will retrace through its myriad gears the history of time, the universal history of the earthly and celestial mechanics of matter.” Episode 1 of the series is available to watch here.

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