Queueing for Uranus

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Queueing for Uranus

Post by koimaster » June 21st 2022, 11:06pm

It’s 02:45am, my phone alarm goes off, and I wish I had a Rube Goldberg machine to make me breakfast — or just pour coffee over my face. Fifteen minutes later, I’m in my car, on my way to pick-up a friend and drive to Vienna, Austria, the nearest place to my hometown with a Swatch boutique the brand graced with the authority to carry the latest hype watch, the Omega Swatch MoonSwatch. Or, as it’s rarely called (but it says it on the dial, so I’ll say it, too) the Omega Swatch Speedmaster MoonSwatch.

How I Got My Hands On Uranus, (John is getting a woody thing about getting his hands one) :lol: The MoonSwatch In Highest Demand

By now you all are familiar, I’m sure, with this plastic BioCeramic watch that sports both the Omega name and an Omega design. Likewise, you have probably contemplated how this collaboration even came to be, why it became the subject of such hype and desirability, and you certainly already know whether you are dreaming of a full collection or dislike them all. However, it’s precisely because our respective approach to this whole thing could mature over this period that we should (re-)visit the MoonSwatch and give it a proper review. And, to match the strangeness of a watch that says both Omega and Swatch on it, this review shall begin with the hurdle of buying a MoonSwatch, in the first place.

https://www.ablogtowatch.com/queueing-f ... ch-review/


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Re: Queueing for Uranus

Post by conjurer » June 22nd 2022, 10:34pm

smellody wrote:
June 22nd 2022, 8:33pm
I'm surprised Conjurer isn't all over Uranus.

Interestingly, it's grand that there were a thousand Austrians willing to que up for a shitty, plastic quartz wartche, mainly, I assume, because it's got "Omega" written on the dial and costs next to nothing. I would have thought that most Austrians were smarter than that, but then, they started WWI because one of their archdukes got his brains shot out by a fucking Serbian, so go figure.
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