The Return Of The Bronze Watch

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Re: The Return Of The Bronze Watch

Post by Hawk » July 31st 2013, 11:07am

Horse Feathers wrote:
Hawk wrote:When later asked by an associate if the Mahogany was African, Philippine or Sapele mahogany the response is (and I may not be translating exactly right):

Ahh, Philippine Mahogany, the name was invented to make  Luan Plywood sound like high-end cabinet/furniture stock. It the only wood I have ever worked with  that a splinter actually required medical treatement

Irony of the modern world. You can ask a Chinese (at least the elusive and legendary "high end" Chinese manufacturer) for Mahogany and you get Mahogany.

Ask for Mahogany in the states and it's a crap shoot what turns up. Definitely not Ribbon Sapele though - it costs more than real Mahogany.
And the fact I'm still living rent free in his head makes me grin and giggle.
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