Indian gurus and their Swiss watches: a history

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Indian gurus and their Swiss watches: a history

Post by koimaster » August 13th 2019, 3:53pm

Wealthy devotees often ensure that their spiritual leaders have the best of everything, Swiss watches included. Here’s what five well-known Indian gurus wore on their wrists.

Indian mystics were once famous for their scant material possessions. Their orange robes, deer hide mats and begging bowls were often the only things they had. They would travel on foot to different pilgrimage sites, stopping to rest and giving discourses on spiritual matters along the way.

Today, their flock is global thanks to the influence of pioneers who went to the West starting in the the late 19th century, as well as a growing Indian diaspora. Their schedule can often rival that of a head of state or Fortune 500 CEO. A good watch can help them navigate time zones and stay centred.

Osho (1931 to 1990)

Osho, or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, famously referred to himself as the “rich man’s guru”. The Indian spiritual guru gained a following in Mumbai from 1970 onwards before relocating to nearby Pune where his followers built a retreat for him. He gained notoriety for preaching against religious orthodoxy when it came to wealth and sex. It was his relocation to the US external linkthat upped the stakes on displays of extravagance. At one point he claimed that his followers had gifted him over 90 Rolls Royce cars. ... y/44868044


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