Open Letter To Stephen Mazinger Tuffatore

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Re: Open Letter To Stephen Mazinger Tuffatore

Post by 3Flushes » August 12th 2019, 11:19am

Hawk wrote:
August 12th 2019, 11:11am
In addition to plagiarism it's a pretty good example of the uninformed getting their information from the ill-informed.

The source he plagiarized has its own issues with Buddhist symbology*. Despite a wonderful CV suggesting, without evidence, some degree of expertise:
I am a Psychic Medium and ongoing sacred studies student graduating in Advanced Esoteric Studies, Metaphysics, Mediumship, Angelology and World Religions.

He's taking life lessons from somebody studying angelology - it don't get much more special then that.

*Not a word but if Dan Brown made it up this has to be the only correct time to deploy it.
Well, there's a shot at Angelology straight outta nowhere.

Why, I'll have you know Angelology was my minor.
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Re: Open Letter To Stephen Mazinger Tuffatore

Post by TemerityB » August 12th 2019, 5:34pm

Wow. As bad as Bazinga is as a blogger, and his watch taste is the shits ... as a person? He's proving to be way, way, worse. Everything about him his faux, from his store-bought muscles to his "deep" sensibility.

It's a flat-footed tie with the mouse as to who 2019 biggest horological douchebag is - only in both of their cases, calling what they wear "horology" is like calling a Bic a "writing instrument."
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