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Damasko/Timeless Watches Divorce is Final

PostPosted: November 12th 2017, 2:32pm
by tiktok
In the midst of looking.for a black bracelet for the Damasko DB4 LE collaboration. In 2015 the brand and the store made 4 pieces, ten of each, in honor of the brand and store's close relationship with Timeless being the largest retailer in the US of the brand. So I was really surprised when I called Timeless and spoke to Steve (he's the voice behind the store's videos) and he told me that due to contractual issues the store has stopped carrying Damasko. He was good enough to Watchmann but the Timeless x Damasko has died and gone to heaven. I didn't really feel like hanging around sniffing for the real dirt. Suffice to say that the marriage has ended in a cloud of mystery.